Sleep on the Water in a Floating Tent

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Normally when you think about pitching a tent, its to sleep under the stars on solid ground.

But then where’s the fun in that when you can sleep on the water instead!



The Shoal Tent by the company SmithFly is a floating tent, made to let you sleep on calm ponds or lakes. Imagine being able to paddleboard or kayak to your tent, sleep on gently rocking water and waking up to a view of the morning sun glinting off the water that surrounds you. Just tie off your paddleboard to the front and you have an instant porch!

The Shoal tent measures 8×8′ on the outside, has no poles – the structure is fully inflatable – and is made with materials to withstand rain and wind.

The tent top detaches via metal hooks so you can use it on solid ground if you want, or for the chance that you need to vacate the tent quickly (probably not a good idea to bring sharp cutlery or your knitting needles into the tent, as we’ve all done before). The tent kit comes with a foot pump.



The tent is available in the SmithFly Online Shop.

My only suggestion is to find a good light-weight anchor since you don’t want to go to sleep and wake up in a different lake.


Would you camp on the water?



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