Here we’ve put together some of the top SUP Resources that should help in all aspects of your SUP Adventure! We’ll add more useful resources as we find them, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back if you need something new Enjoy!


Learning how to Stand Up Paddle Board

  • American Canoe Association – Official SUP Courses

    America’s oldest non-motorized sport association offers their official training in ocean, river, basic and yoga. They also provide assessments in the discipline and skills needed for stand up paddle boarding.

  • Paddle Canada SUP Program

    Similar to the ACA program, Paddle Canada provides in-depth SUP training, from the basics to full instructor certification in flatwater, river, surf and touring areas. The site also provides a search for finding the next course near you (mostly summer-based due to frozen water in the winter months).


Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

  • ¬†Stand Up Paddleboard Buying Guide

    From, this detailed listing of available SUPs lets you choose from many options and then lists the boards normally available, a photo, their dimensions, as well as the MSPR you should expect.


    Yep, you’re seeing this correct. Amazon actually carries Stand Up Paddleboards. They have a great selection, lots to choose from, and have super fast (normally free) delivery. Definitely look here before buying elsewhere because they sometimes have better prices. Also, make sure you read any reviews on there, as the reviewers will let you know the real deal with the boards.


  • How to Select the Right¬†WetsuitDepending on where you live, to extend the time you can use a paddle board, you may need to invest in a wetsuit to stay warm. Here’s a guide on choosing the right wetsuit for your needs.


SUP Travel


    Find out the wave activity, wind and tide information for where you want to hit the water. This site has some of the most useful info on it for anyone looking to travel to a certain beach area.


SUP Life

  • – SUP Groups

    If you want to hang out with other paddlers and go on group paddles, is a great place to find a group near you. If there isn’t one close enough to your location, you should definitely start a group, and watch as people passionate about the sport join for your own SUP outings!

  • – Digital and Print Magazine

    If you want to read about all that is SUP, check out the SUP Magazine, published quarterly in digital and print editions, as well as a great news blog to read.

  • World Paddle Association

    Launched in 2010, the WPA provides news and info about the sport all over the world. There is also a calendar of events, database of instructors, racing info and much more.

  • American Paddleboard Association

    Known for its advocacy for paddboarding safety, accessiblility and keeping the waterways clean, the APA is a free organization to join.


    One of the better online forums for stand up paddle boarding. Includes sections for gear talk, a market place and even regional places to chat.