5 Christmas Gifts for SUP Owners

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The 2017 Christmas season is upon us! Though its cold and possibly snowy in many areas, we can still think about summer and being on the water. Anyone who knows someone who owns a SUP board knows they love it, … Continued

Quicksilver Sea Locker Dry Bag

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One of the benefits that touring on a sup vs a kayak or canoe is the mobility of the board, not to mention the feeling of standing on water! But with this, there is very limited space for your ‘stuff’, … Continued

Manatees Almost Take Out Paddlers

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Standup paddlers love getting close to nature. Its one of the great reasons for using a paddleboard. Sometimes though, nature gets closer than you want, which is the case of these two paddlers who accidentally disturb two manatees. We’ve never … Continued