Keeping Your Devices Dry – The Voxkin Waterproof Case

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One of the joys of being on a paddle board is the view – you get to see into clear water from higher up than a kayak, if you venture out far enough the coastline could be amazing, and who knows what sea life you’ll encounter.

Now if you don’t have a GoPro Hero 4 (Its on my wish list too!), the next best thing is normally your smartphone. But when you’re 100 yards from the beach, you don’t want to be carrying an open phone with you since even the best paddlers can fall sometimes.

I’ve done the ziplock bag before, hoping that if it did get wet, the ziplock would stop it a bit. But in a bag like that the phone gets hard to manage and you cannot get a photo off without taking it out and risking a drop.

This is where waterproof cases like the Voxkin Waterproof Smartphone Case come in handy.


Made to protect your phone against water, dust and snow, these phone cases are a great addition to a paddle boarder’s collection.

And they’re not expensive, which makes it even better in my books.

The Voxkin case comes with a lanyard, to wear around your neck, and an arm band, that works great to just strap on somewhere. It is made to take your phone over and under water, and even can take clear photos underwater.

This waterproof case lets you use the phone while its in the case (a good step up from the ziplock bag), so you can take photos, use the maps, text and even make calls. The bag itself floats, so no worries about dropping it and it sinking down to the depths.

They even put a compass on the case, for those needing more direction. I’m guessing this is for those wanting to conserve the battery and not use the built-in GPS maps…or maybe you just want to go old school!

Now just note that this case doesn’t fit the larger ‘tablet’ phones (ie: Galaxy Note), so check the sizing first.

Going with how many great reviews there are on Amazon, this is a steal of a case. I personally wouldn’t try dunking it too deep under water, but in terms of just protecting it against drops or falls, this is the cost-effective waterproof smartphone case I’d go with.


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